Is it possible that the universe is some how alive?

I'm sort of separate from any solid beliefs right now. I'm just asking obscure questions, now.


Full of life at least... Maybe we are just tiny parasites in a massive being... it's unlikely though.

The concept of Anima Mundi has captured my imagination in the past... ... highly relevant, take a look...

More than welcome :-)


you have to use your mind outside of human language. When you place no boundaries or restrictions on your thoughts you allow yourself to perceive and understand more deeply. We are brought up in the world to see and understand the world as we are taught. Rarely do we go beyond and attempt see and understand higher planes of life. It is written in scripture, " My ways are not your ways. My thoughts are not your thoughts. " We go through life in chains but we do not realize it.


Yes, it is possible since there is no way to prove that it is impossible.

Research pantheism. It is a belief that God and the universe are one and the same (and hence alive).

Taoism is an eastern form of pantheism that might interest you.


The big bang created hydrogen atoms. Hydrogen atoms formed into the first stars. Those first stars created heavier atoms. Eventually, those stars blew up. Next: With the heavier atomic material, planets began to form around newer stars. On very few of these planets, lifeforms developed. And rarely, some of those lifeforms had awareness of their own existence. We are one such case.

So: by extension of the big bang, we ARE the universe thinking.


We defined what a living thing is. This is one way we classify things in the world. In order to be considered living, the thing must: metabolize (basically, eat food or consume some resource to produce energy to grow), respond to stimuli, and reproduce, either sexually or asexually.

There is no evidence to support that the universe does these things. It's not impossible, because we do know it is expanding, but we don't know why, and if it did reproduce its offspring would be beyond the bounds of the universe, outside of our range to detect.


Yes I believe our universe is alive, its swarming with the stars, moon, and sun, if nothing were alive it would be empty, the stars and moon give us our night light so we do not walk in darkness, the sun gives us our heat and warmth, to nurture the gardens,trees, and all living things. The sun also separates our days and nights. And the provider of intelligence, I believe that would be our creator of the heavens and earth God, without God nothing would exist, God is our universe, he is everywhere.