The Observer in Physics Double Slit Experiment and Example in Nature?

What do you think about this?…


As retro-causal/chiral deterministic satisfaction the pattern is riemann zeta function and/or universality non-vanishing holomorphic function.

But that is just crazy talk.

Basically if you invert time the paterns can be describe as a riemann zeta function in the case for wave propagation or a zeta universality holomorphic function as the partical propagation.


I can explain it to you.

It seems that when you peer into the sub-atomic world, it appears as if matter is just sort of waiting around like a mousetrap ready to spring shut until it's "bumped into" at which point it "decides" to go right or left (thru one of the two slits), thus acting like a surfer's wave "and" like a thrown baseball at the same time. Is it particle? Or is it wave? It seems to wait for us to tell it what to do, and it defies our logical understanding of cause-and-effect.

It also seems as if things (particles of matter) actually "do" come out of nowhere and for no reason, and some disappear thus so...and there's seems to be a dual connective balance to the whole thing. Fascinating, isn't it?

Wallah. Chaos creates a limited amount of order within it, Galaxies, Stars, Planets, and Peanut M & M's...