What the difference between nihilism and fatalism?

They seem similar because I think they both point out that all of people's effort in life are pointless.


They do both have the same means, and points of view in many ways. The difference is the reason for there specific outlooks. Nihilism says that people's effort in life is pointless because life itself does not matter, and Nihilism has a more negative view on morality. Where as Fatalism says that people's effort in life is pointless because no matter what you do in life it will eventually end. Fatalism has no specific negativity towards morality, or religion but rather dismisses any reason to even have a philosophical view. So for example if life ceased to end and we somehow became immortal, fatalism would no longer exist but Nihilism would.


Your effort in life is pointless!


Nihilism is sour grapes, or a way of minimizing the stakes. Fatalism emphasizes how little control we have over events, so don't sweat it.


in broad terms, nihilism is the belief that humans have no purpose in life and we are insignificant. fatalism is the belief in fate, which is not quite as negative as nihilism. it's more like "oh hey we cannot control our own lives; everything is predetermined, but whatever it's okay."