How did everything come from nothing?

How did everything we see today in our universe and on our Earth, how did it ALL come from nothing. I know what things came from so theres no need to tell me how everything evolved, i just want to know how you think everything came from nothing, because there WAS a beggining and there will be an end, so dont be coming your crap about "god" because there was nothing to start with, because if there was something, it would be an ifinite lasting thing? if that makes sense, which is impossible! This seems like a silly question, because it cannot exactly be answered, but i would like to hear your opinions on this, and i hope you understand, what im saying because its hard to explain....


Well in the world of physics it goes like this:

All of the matter-energy and space-time inflated from a singularity. Through quantum effects primordial particles of matter coalesced into hydrogen atoms. Through gravity hydrogen collapsed into clouds that grew denser and denser until nuclear fusion began. Nuclear fusion of stars produced all of the heavier elements up through iron. Many Stars were so massive that they exploded rather than died - These exploding stars (super novae) produced all of the elements heavier than iron. Solar systems such as ours formed from the remnants of the explosions of prior stars, creating our sun, the planets and in particular our rocky, mineral rich, watery world. With such a rich soup of elements, molecules, and chemistry life emerged. Once it emerged the environmental pressures drove Evolution into more and more complex and diverse life - ultimately leading to a sentient life form capable of discovering, understanding and describing the origins of all there is.

So what came before the singularity? Well there was no before - at least not in the context of our universe of spacetime and matter-energy. What was the singularity made of? Well nothing - that is the whole point of a singularity. It is a not a thing - it is simply a beginning.

As for God - well it is my belief that this understanding (primitive and even incorrect as it may be) informs us of the process mecahnics of creation rather than disproves the creator.


god had no beginning.




Nothing came from something. Everything came from something to begin with, but someone worked it out to begin with something.


how can anyone possibly give you a serious answer to that question, no one has yet discovered or understood how the universe has come about, it is an absolute mystery, there is no questioning it until our scientists find a breakthrough in knowledge of the universe sometime if ever


Simply put, the concepts of beginning and end only apply to the physical universe. How the physical universe came to exist, is unknowable to any who live in it. Example: If you were two dimensional instead of three dimensional, you would not be able to conceive of "up or down". For two dimensional beings, up or down don't exist. But that doesn't mean they REALLY don't exist.