Will you read my poem (Howling)? (Thank you!)?


The wolf of Pindos Forest has an insightful assertion

not an uncultured death-making, of values, immersion

decisively his mandragora enthralls an animal right

something that lives in the electrons of a dark light.

(One who builds a house on sticks may have a cause

to be his friend, because his genuine soul will fight

when worthiness visits any threshold of hurt souls

the wolf will howl in night, for any over-crossed right.)

Howls the wolf, the night, a blanket silently covers

the sounds submerge, as the shadows become alive

a howling in full moon, his company of sounds gathers

prayers, a howling, as quietness austerely subsides.

Howls the wolf, the night, a dominion of crimson shed

awakes, a destiny of the forest thirsty rules attained

the wolf will run, and run, as a Plutonian kingdom wed

to catch, and catch a carnal mortised joint suspended

a second caress on alive skin, shudders, his cynodon

submerges, verterbrae crushing, crimson, cynodont

clade, crimson, a howling-supercilious, a forest abandon

all freezes in horror, a maenad deity of arterial bonds

He runs, he runs, covering the miles like fire, his impiety

as the folliage shudders waiting, exceeding, transfusion

of life's isotropy, an impertinent role, of dim superiority

as Crimson rules, itches in his veins to taste this infusion.


Pindos = A large mountain chain in Northern Greece

Plutonian = Pluto, brother of Zeus, the ruler of Hades

the underworld.

cynodon = Greek, the dog tooth

cynodont = vertebrate animal clade

isotropy = uniformity in all directions

mandragora = a plant with purplish flowers. It was thought

to have mystical powers, it is identified to the Moira of fate,

destiny, that rules our live's length. Medical, lethal in overdose,

atropine derives from its root.


I read your poem so many times …. I feel restlessness come over me every time..

Pindos isn't big enough to hold me ….Im trapped….. so is my spirit …and tormented soul..

Respect for man…but anger and frustration in my soul… I weight the balance of my inner feelings and passions with the rest of the world… I am so powerful and yet at the same time powerless .

…….A Wolf only kills to eat…I feel this wolf kills to exerts his power from the sheer force of frustrated, anger and impatience…he wants …and what he wants ..he fears he might not get …to rule to triumph to be recognised as the majestic creature he was born to be…. he runs and he runs…and he is searching…From one corner of his world….to the next,... himself tired out …… his soul still running…This wolf is nocturnal ….and each time I read it there is more.

To sum up….

………its Beauty and the Beast…but not the fairy tale…

I love this poem…one of my favourites from you…Brilliant work Gio This poem made me feel at one with your beast..


Very nice! :) good use of Vocabulary..imagery..and a mix of rhyming schemes! :) a very enjoyable read!


Wow.. It's long but I love it. You have a unique style. I hope I see you in the Poetry Castle

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Ur poem isn't good, very poor quality.


That's pretty impressive. I saw little wolfie running among the hills, his tail on fire.


Hi Gio, I picked up some great visuals from this piece of poetry. That wolf howling in the moonlight certainly gave me the shivers.