When did you realize god dosen't exist?

and what made you come to that conclusion


I was seven when I first heard about the invisible sky critter.

I was surprised grownups could be so silly.

I am still amazed.

Monsters in the closet, under the bed, dancing about on cloudies awaiting requests?

It's nothing but superstitious nonsense; it's quite pathetic.

At 63 I have NOT seen-heard anything to cause me a change my mind.



Junior high/high school. I did a lot of reading about history, religions, myth stories from various cultures. That's when I realized mythology = ancient religions that no one alive believes anymore. Given another few thousand years or so, the religions of today will be considered mythology.


Sometime during highschool. What made me come to that conclusion was the ridiculous stories. We were going over Noah's ark in Sunday school and I challenged my Sunday school teacher. I basically told him that there is no way any man can fit 2 of every species on the planet on a boat and then feed them for 40 days. He said god found a way. I asked do you realize how many species there were during this time period, millions. He still said that god found a way crap. That boat would have to be the size of a phukking state. That's when I realized that this was a bunch of BS. I still kept going to church until I moved out though. I just pretended to believe until I could get the hell out of my house.


I was about eight when I realized that religion, and particularly, 'christianity', was all bulls**t.


Middle School, god just contradicts himself every step of the way\

I love you but if you dont believe in me your going to burn for eternity? wtf?


Technically I'm agnostic and believe the possibility is there I just don't believe if he exists he's the bible god.

Reading the bible and listening to church goers brought me to that conclusion


Incorrect assumption---and your spelling needs correction.