What exactly does "ambiguous" mean?

It's just kinda confusing...

Atheism means you don't believe in God

Agnostic means you're not sure if God does exist or not

What what's the difference between Agnostic and ambiguous?


Ambiguos is to be un-certain

Agnosticism is to never be sure on the answer whether proven or not


google it


The word ambiguous means that not only do you not believe, but you don't really care either. More like apathy, which is pathetic.




ambiguous is an element of uncertainty in a story. like when an author leaves a cliffhanger at the end. agnostic is not being sure whether or not there is a deity....

ambiguous has nothing to do with religion at all.


Try websters dictionary.

Ambiguous; having an obscure or double meaning. 2:difficult to classify.

-Oxfords Dictionary