Why do people say: "Altruism couldn't have evolved"?

If altruism is supposedly so special that it had to be specifically interted into us by a mystical omnipotent entity, why do other animals also have it?

For example, Orangutans have been known to share their personal tools with other members of the pack, even though they are under no obligation to do so and receive no reward for their actions.


Because they don't know a whit about biology. Or ants (which have a highly developed society, fueled by the altruism of the workers.)

With the orangutans, I would argue that they *do* receive a "reward" of sorts for their actions. Troops are always stronger than individuals, and, by looking out for others in their troop, they're also looking out for their own well-being. A healthy, happy troop = a better chance of survival.

EDIT: Of course. I'm not arguing that it's not altruism--it certainly is--but they do receive a reward from it. It's the same with ant workers, who share genetic material with the queen and with her offspring. By caring for the queen's offspring, they're also ensuring the continuation of their own genetic lines (despite the fact that workers will never reproduce).


Altruism? You must be a nerdy ***.


If you can prove to me that orangutans 'share' their tools out of empathy, then you'll have a point

Otherwise, you don't

EDIT: Well, where is your source? And even if this is true, it could be symbiosis, not a genuine concern for others


You're right, that is a terrible argument, except I have never seen it used nor have I ever said that.


Humans can be extremely empathic that goes beyond what natural instinct should be telling them to behave in order to survive.

I think we are genetically wired to be altruistic and empathic. Whether you think that is evolution or God, humans actually do show altruistic behavior that goes far beyond any other animal species.

When the average person is actually confronted with someone in need their first instinct is to help, even sometimes at our own expense or risk. Whether they actually help or not can depend on a number of factors, but I believe most people instinctively want to find a way to help.


I wonder how much time you have actually done with service organizations.

When you are around a lot of these diff groups you come to see humans in a much different light. There are sooo many people that really do go above and beyond to help complete strangers.

You can make all the arguments you want to say that this is normal in all diff species, but it just isnt. Not at the same level of humans.

Humans are uniquely kind and cruel beyond the scope and rationale of other species.

I dont know why you are arguing this point. Like I said, it doesnt prove one side or the other to say that a species has a quality moreso or unique to other species.

You can never ever prove that animals, besides humans, help others simply out of a desire to stop the suffering or to help out another animal. You cant ask another animal why they are doing what they are doing.

You seem to be wanting to play semantics with this. I have never heard anyone say altruism couldnt have evolved. I do believe that humans go beyond what other animals do when it comes to altruistic behavior.


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