How did atheists get so big on science?

As far as i know it was mostly Greek,Islamic and Christian scientists responsible for scientific advancements back then,so how did these atheists get so big on science?


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Maybe most scientists - and others who took an interest in science - realised that there was no need for the concept of God or supernatural beings for the workings of nature to make sense.

I realised in mid-teenage that faith was based upon nothing but itself, that science explained nature satisfactorily without needing supernatural beings, and that religious beliefs were no different to those of ancient beliefs in gods and goddesses. Up until then I was a devout, practising Catholic.

When I first had doubts about my faith I thought that maybe this was a test of my faith. So I made the effort to accept it even more so. But the doubts came again, and I wondered what would happen if we took faith out of the equation; the world and nature still made sense, so I saw no reason to get back into it. And my understanding is that there's no theoretical or mathematical need for a god or gods, and there's no valid evidence of it or them; so there's no reason to believe. At the time this was difficult intellectually and emotionally (I was a teenager, after all).

That was over 40 years ago, and my escape from faith has freed me to embrace what science has to offer, which I consider far more plausible than belief in the supernatural, and is the nearest we can get to the truth about how nature and the universe work. I've felt a sense of freedom ever since, and am happy and at peace with this.

I still have an interest in religions, mythology and related matters, and am fascinated that people still believe in things that to me are plainly just not true. And I now have the humility to admit that I don't know everything; and I prefer that to the pride involved in invoking supernatural beings to mask that.


2Many will follow their shameful ways and will bring the way of truth into disrepute. 3In their greed these teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their destruction has not been sleeping.2 PETER 2;2


First, they were theists because the majority of the population happened to be theists.

Second, ok we owe those scientists a lot but we must not be limited by them. If their attitude inhibits further scientific progress then we have to go past them

Third, even if all the great scientists were theists, it does not prove that god is real. Heck, even if 100% of all people who ever lived were theists, it still would not be proof



Look in the real world.

Decode this lyrics " You'll see "

"Wonderful world"

"Don't know much"

Not poaching?

Skills migration?

Copying with modification and improvement?

When they too come from the same school?

Luke 21.30-36

Luke 9.25,55-56,60

Luke 8.5-8,10-17

Luke 24.44-45,47-48

What do you think?


A knowledge of basic science, no more than high school stuff leads to the conclusion that supernatural effects are not needed to explain the colour of the day sky, the appearance of a rainbow, the wind, rain and dozens of other things that were once said to be due to the activities of djinns, kobolds, nymphs, demigods or gods. The more science you study and understand, the fewer of these entities are needed and the fewer of the myths are required. In some cases, the knowledge acquired dismisses some myths completely.

Their assertion that there is no god, or at least not the god of ancient scriptures is a natural extension of that process.


As our understanding of reality improved, there became less need of a creator god. Theists are rightfully scared of modern science as it makes their faith untenable. Atheists though have the courage to accept reality for what it is, and do not fear losing faith in something demonstrably false.


Actually,many ppl told me that religion had no concepts of science in it.They told me that they lack it b/c it lacks existance of God(s).

Im an Atheist..I gotta say though,Many Atheists do take part in Scientific stuff..Studying the theory of Evolution,Researching for answers of the universe like Big Bangs going on,and new Life on planets.

Also,Science does help catch a lot of Evidence to see how/if things exist/doesnt exist.

For religion,its like believing quickly in deities w/o looking for evidence,by just reading some Bible/Qu'ar,then start Believing.Wouldnt make any sense,does it?

The ppl in it obey the laws of deities,follow every part of Life as a religious person,start converting Non-Believers,but also condemn others into Hell.Mostly,they dont find Science as part of their religion b/c they think it is Devil Work,Since Science lacks Belief in their deities,yet gives a lot of specific information about why the deities DONT exist.


Because you lot stagnated into fundamentalist nonsense after your golden age, or to be precise, it was the rise of that fundamentalist nonsense which caused you to stagnate.