Don't You believe it is time to "quit playing church?

With Judgment falling all around us,Who can deny we have entered into a time of "transition"?

You want to be in the "Right Camp"----Or has the "Oil gone out of Your lamp?

Revelation;and the waters became bitter,because of Pollution;

Not global warming-because God has control of the thermostat


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Yup! Buckle up! Cuz, it's gonna' be a bumpy ride!


"these are the funnest people to debate with"

-athiest :)


Yes, Its time for you to quit playing church.

Its time for you to stop judging yourself against others and compare yourself to Jesus, then fall on your knees and say LORD have mercy on me a sinner. Then you will no longer feel the need to worry about what the rest of Christianity is doing because you will be too busy with your own sins.

No global warming? This is the hottest summer i have ever known.


Ugh... Interpretation is everything, isn't it?


Your question is hard to follow but it is dramatic. Can you try it again without all the flair?




Wow - you really took the bait, hook, line, and sinker, didn't ya?


I "quit playing church" when I moved out and decided to educate myself. You see, I learned to think for myself and take a long look at religion and even read the Bible. You know what I found out? Religion is nothing but mass delusion. There is no truth to any of it. People ultimately hang on to it because of the fear of death. Ever wonder why there are so many old people in churches?