If the intelligent design is true, why is the universe structured to kill us?

Most places in the universe will kill life instantly.

Galaxy orbits will eventually bring us to a supernova which will kill us.

The sun will collapse.

Our galaxy will collide with Andromeda.

Every year we are wiped out by volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods.

The vast majority of Earth isn't even inhabitable, and you can freeze or starve to death on the half that is. In fact, 99% of all life on earth has gone extinct.

Since we're warmblooded, we have to eat constantly. Animals like crocodiles can eat a chicken a month and be fine. So much for those starving children

We have poor vision, so we can't see harmful things such as radiation in order to protect ourselves

Because of your poor sense of smell, you are vulnerable to lethal gases.

We do not have a separate opening for breathing and eating, like dolphins, so thousands of us choke to death every year.

This information was take by a lecture from the astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. Watch the whole thing


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I seen it before.

Glad to see people out there enjoy reading/watching media that will enhance your logic


Animals can not make up the surrounding environment safe. Only humans can do that. It is here that the intelligence of humans is most distinguished from that of rest of animals.

Most of the animals live on one food - they die if that food is not available. Most of the animals can survive in one climate - they die if they are moved to a different climate.

Man can survive eating the widest range of food. Man can survive in the widest climatic conditions. Visit a science department of a university and ask them.

Hinduism says that humans are the highest of all creation. Science does not accept it.

Hinduism says that nothing is perfect except Almighty. There is greater intelligent design in humans, but it can not be perfect. Even the universe can not be perfect.

Unless the "mechanism of annihilation" is incorporated in the design of every thing, humans may try to become eternal using all the science they can develop. That is not allowed.

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It may very well be that earth alone is habitable for life. But the cosmological constants that allow life to exist had to come into being the precise moment of the big bang.…… Good one here on dark energy.…


When Adam and eve sinned, they were cast out of the garden and lost everlasting life.

Google Hugh Ross, Astrophysics


I understand your premise; "intelligent design is true," but I don't understand your question.

Are you asking why God would make it so that people die?

If that is the case then:

Premise: intelligent design is True.

From the definition of the Intelligent design we can infer:

1) God is real.

2) God created everything.

Now your second premise is: The universe is structured to kill us.

From number 2 we can conclude:

3) God created the universe.

Following this form:

G -> E (God created everything)

E = U (Everything includes the universe)

U = K (The universe causes death)

Then through substitution:

G -> K (God causes death)

So, what you basically end up with is the fact that God is both a creator and a destroyer for you cannot have positive without negative.


The whole system was designed to run it course and then end.Don't you see?

Thats why most religions prophecise the end of the universe.

He Who created death and life to test which of you is best in action. He is the Almighty, the Ever-Forgiving. (Surat al-Mulk, 2)


Because of Adam and Eve's sin (and subsequently our own). It wasn't designed to kill us, death only occurred because of the fall.


peace is not gods gift to his creatures.. it is our gift to each other...

i don't believe in intelligent design btw... more like infinite opportunity

negativity exists so positivity can have value... without one or the other as a potential reality.. life would be meaningless...