MORMONS: Is it possible to be a gay mormon and still have membership?

Im a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Saints, Im 17 and a priest, and I think i'm gay. If I confess, will i no longer be a member? Will I lose the priesthood? I will still keep all the commandments, word of wisdom, just like any other me, no adultery or anything...


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Frankly, you don't have anything to confess. I think there are LOTS of women out there that I'm attracted to that aren't my wife. I don't need to confess it.

If you want to talk to your Bishop because you could use some help and guidance, you may. There will be no chastisement or punishment because you haven't sinned. Homosexual ACTS are a sin. Homosexual DESIRES are not.

Just like any other LDS guy your age you shouldn't look at porn, masturbate, or have lustful thoughts ( much as you can avoid it) however having homosexual desires is not a sin.

You can pass and bless the sacrament. You can baptize. You can go on a mission (although I'd talk to someone about this because of the living arrangements as a missionary. I'm not sure how that works. That's probably worthy of another question). You can be worthy to partake of the sacrament each and every week. You will not be excommunicated, fellowshipped, lose the priesthood, or anything else along those lines.

Look at yourself like someone who has a strong tendency and disposition for alcohol. While it's attractive to them, as long as they don't touch it they're fine.

I'd be open minded about being attracted to women. Weak attractions can grow. Rather than saying to yourself "I'm only attracted to men" try telling yourself "I haven't found a woman I'm attracted to yet". I'm not saying that you will, only that the possibility exists and you shouldn't slam that door prematurely.

Be faithful and be strong. Everyone has a different vice, trial, or weakness. This may be yours. It's not an easy one however the Lord won't give us anything that we aren't able to bear.

God bless brother.


Theirs lots of gay men in the church that hide it. Don't worry at some point you will give in to your "god" given natural attraction to the same sex.. There is a bunch of "elders" that come to the big rodeo every year in Denver. And my ex girlfriend who works at a bar where these elders congregate and hire male prostitutes for the night.. It's kinda gross from what I hear with these old men fondling much younger men. Not my cup of tea but if that's what makes them happy. So be it.

Once you realize that being born the way you were born wasn't wrong but natural and you stop listening to how religion, which of course was created by homophobic men, then realize you can still maintain high standards of morals, ethics, and charity you will never be happier.

And verily verily I say unto you. For men have deceived the whole world. Men have used others faith to create false beliefs and hinder man's progression on this earth. Men have used this faith to wage wars and kill billions. Men use faith to keep the people in bondage and servitude. For faith has been turned into the demon of this earth. Fear not, for Knowledge is forever. Knowledge is the Alpha and the Omega. Knowledge can not be destroyed. True Knowledge can only be acquired through Evidence. So let Evidence be your Savior and let Knowledge be your God. The demon will try to trick you using faith to guide you to knowledge. But know this is not true knowledge. True Knowledge has given you a gift to learn how to come to be with it. For if it is fake knowledge it will have not the Evidence to guide you to it. If you come to this knowledge through faith know that this demon has tricked you. But I say again, fear not, for Knowledge is and always will be, forever. Knowledge will help and protect you in your times of need. Knowledge will propel you to your times of success. Knowledge is the only true path. For blessed are those who follow Knowledge. They will always be on the path to It. And blasphemous are those that follow the demon. The demon will always leads it's followers in it's circle of deceit. Trust in Knowledge. Knowledge will always lead it's followers with Evidence. The paths may be different but those who are forthright and allow Evidence to guide them, will always come to be with true Knowledge

So Verily Verily I say unto you. Always trust in Knowledge, and always trust in Evidence to bring you to It. I say these things in the names of Truth, Evidence, and Knowledge. Amen.


Ha! go confess these feelings to your priesthood leaders and see just how wrong these mormons on here are. just having the feelings alone, and not trying to 'correct them' is subject to things like not being able to administer in priesthood responsibilities, hold a temple recommend, etc. READ THE BISHOPS HANDBOOK YOU FOOLS!

the lds chuch isn't only against gay-marriage, and gay-sexual encounters, despite what these politically correct internet mormons want to think. if you think you're gay, and you don't try to become straight, and they know about it, church policy WILL NOT allow you to actively participate in 'sacred' things.

the lds church is anti-gay, no matter how PR their prophets try to be. they claim its just gay marriage they are against in the public eye, but they are 100% anti-gay in every way possible.

whats gonna be real funny though is how in about fifty years or so, the new age mormon leadership will finally receive a 'revelation' that gays will receive full temple rites and such, and all these old foggie mormons from today will roll over in their graves.


So wait, your telling me you believe in something that basically hates you? :( Poor dude, get outta there.


You believe in god? Lol.


Yes you can be a member. If you live the law of chastity like everyone else your sexual orientation doesn't matter. You can still hold the priesthood you can still go to the temple.


If you have no homosexual relationships then you'll be fine.


Your path is not an easy path, what you're stating is that you are committing yourself to a life long path or journey of celibacy. But sometimes easy is not the path God wants for us. I sympathize with you. I am single although have no homosexual/lesbian desires. I've been single and unmarried while I've watch a lot of my friends get married and have children. It's not easy at times watching others do the things I want to do but my celibacy is partially by choice: I am not ready for that big of a commitment and two: I haven't found a person I wish to marry or shares feelings with me.

But I've committed myself to a life of the law of Chasity and I am a member of the church, and Temple going as well. I've committed myself to the law of Chasity even if it means I never get married. I hope that eventually I will get married, but know that if I live the way God wants me to He will bless me in the end.