Can I wish everyone a happy 17th of Tammuz?

It doesn't commemorate the most joyous day, but I hope it's worthwhile.


A happy 17th of Tammuz? You do realise it is a fast day, followed by three weeks of mourning with another fast at the end of that for the commemoration of the destruction of the Temple. So, nop, don't wish me a happy 17th of Tammuz, way too inappropriate!

Feel free to give condolences or to make a statement such as "Yibaneh haMikdash bimhera b'yameinu" "May the Temple be rebuilt speedily in our days"


No body cares..


answer: thank you, very much.

The Fast of Tammuz, Tammuz 17, is the date when the walls of Jerusalem were breached, another major event leading up to the destruction of the First Temple.


No thanks I'm good.


You can try.

What will be the infinite result of this question?


We say: "Tsom Kal" that's it.

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