Just how primitive were the authors of the bible?


They lived in the bronze age, correct?

They had no knowledge of the world outside their immediate surroundings, correct?

They believed that "Goddidit", correct?

These things = primitive to me.



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I highly doubt Christians would participate in animal sacrifices or the stoning of people who worked on the sabbath if they were to take a time machine back 3,000 years and yet they still object to the primitive label.


Oh come on, you're not even trying!

If you want to say something controversial and start a serious row amongst the Christians (like a whole lot of people on here who have waaaaaay too much time on their hands), firstly try and be a bit original, then use a bit of bloody intelligence. You want to be taken seriously, don't start a question with "people who wrote the Bible lived in the Bronze age" - you're a few thousand years out!

So do you have an actual question, or are you just having a whinge?! Go find yourself a nice jigsaw or something....


Spiritually more primitive than you or I.

God loves you.....God bless


"They lived in the bronze age, correct?"

Incorrect. They lived in the iron age.

They had no knowledge of the world outside their immediate surroundings, correct?"

Incorrect. There were trade routes even back then.

"They believed that 'Goddidit', correct?"

They believed that it was possible to discern the hand of God at work in history. And so do I.

These things = primitive to me.

To a new atheist, anybody living prior to the mid seventeenth century is primitive.


Moses was raised by the Queen of Egypt and I would suggest that Egypt even in that time of history was beyond the bronze age. The engineering feats of the Egyptians cannot be matched nor duplicate by modern man. Their knowledge of astronomy was perhaps equal to ours even without the telescope. Moses was educated by the Egyptians and wrote the first five books of the Bible. However, like all the 40 authors of the Holy Bible, he was inspired by the God of the Universe, the Creator of the universe who obviously is brighter and more intelligent than any million of our very best and then he goes beyond that limited number. So if some were primitive as you suggest, what is the point in defining them as such. If even you sat down to write what a master mind of today had to say, you would not come close to the mental power that God possesses. Whom are you trying to put down, your self perhaps because you cannot understand the writings of simple men, that it is so complex you lack the ability to interpret such profound statements or proclamations?

Let me attempt to help you--I am probably a little more like the primitives that you suggest wrote God Holy Bible in three ancient languages over a 1500 year time period yet a thread of truth is woven within these disjointed manuscripts that survived time. That Thread says that God loves man and wishes to have fellowship with him as he had during the Garden of Eden. That love is so great for the world that he is willing to use his only begotten son to pay the awful price of man's accumulative sins, the perfect sacrificial lamb so man can return into God's holy presence. However, there is a condition. To receive the gift you have to accept it. The gift of course is Jesus and his cleansing blood, and acceptance means you become like a child and in faith you ask Jesus to save you from your sin and give you the promised life. It is your choice to accept or reject. God will never force you to accept such a primitive message of Love and Sacrifice.


I have often heard it asked, "why should we look to ancient Bronze Age or Iron Age nomads/sheepherders/farmers for wisdom? What could they possibly say to us who have the advantage of so much more knowledge and science?" Good question. How could they have known anything at all that would stand the test of centuries of inquiry? Genesis and Exodus are unique in their statements on these matters. No other ancient cosmogony or theology has had a view remotely similar to that of the books of Moses.

The question then is, from where did they derive an insight that would so successfully anticipate such advanced thinking, and endure for more than three thousand years?

Or in short: they did pretty well for simple Bronze Age farmers, coming up with metaphysical insight that would stand for more than three millennia. I think they had help.


They foresaw Mr Ed and the Flintstones long before they had been created.


Finding,mining and smelting metal is primitive ?

Can you do it ? And the "How to" has already been solved.

Build a pyramid ? Do the math need to design a pyramid ?

Sail the Mediterranean sea ? Not buy a ticket on a boat somebody else designed and built.

The 7 wonders of the ancient world ? How many have you built ?

Primitive is being dismissive of accomplishments by others when one is helpless without "modern conveniences."