I have a very serious question to ask?

Which one would you kill, marry, or screw?

1. Jesus

2. Superman

3. Osama Bin Laden


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I`d screw Osama, kill Superman and marry Raptor Jesus.


Kill - Osama Bin Laden

Marry - Superman

Screw - Jesus Christ


One is not of this world, one is fictional, and one lives in a cave somewhere nobody can find. Soo, none of the above


None of the above.


I would kill Osama - for obvious reasons.

I would screw Jesus - to prove that he wasn't all that perfect.

And I would marry Superman.



ermm i dont know wich is worse to screw...

jesus- screw

osama bin laden- kill

screwing jesus LOOOOL


kill osama bin laden

marry jesus

screw superman


1. 1/2 athiest

2. f$ superman, batman owns his @$$