A question to Jehovah's Witnesses?

There are many cruel things said about the Jehovah's Witnesses, most of them likely false. I'd like to give you the stage, and ask what it is your key beliefs are, or if there were any misconceptions you'd like to clear up, as I would like to know the truths, as a sort of unofficial theologian.

Only Jehovah's Witnesses please. No bashing tolerated.


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God is supreme - he has given himself the name of Jehovah - which in Hebrew means "He causes to become."

He began the creative process eons ago with an only-begotten son who took the position of The Word or the spokesman for God to other creation to follow.

This only-begotten son of God was given the heavenly name of Michael.

With Michael as a Master Worker, the rest of creation followed, both heavenly, physical, and earthly.

Angels were created before the universe or the earth or man. They were individually created to live in the heavens and are a spirit life form. They are more powerful than man.

The earth was created to house a new life form called Man. Adam was the first man, and Eve the first woman. They were given authority over the earth, to care for it, beautify it and have children who would spread the model Garden of Eden to all parts of the earth.

The only way man was to die was through disobedience. Otherwise, the earth was a perfect provision for everlasting life for man. It was not God's purpose that man die and go to heaven. He was to bring glory to God in this corner of the universe through his obedience and recognition of God as his supreme ruler and keeping the earth in beautiful shape both physically and morally.

Man sinned, and this caused Jehovah God to take steps to preserve his purpose for the earth. This involved the primary son of God coming to the earth to buy back for mankind the right and privilege to live forever on earth that Adam had lost.

Jesus was the earthly name for this primary son of God. After the price was paid with his death, he was resurrected again to the heavens, to serve as earth's king of a new government referred to as God's kingdom. This government will rule over the earth and bring all mankind back into a perfect relationship with Jehovah God as individuals worthy of eternal life.

This rulership to solve all mankind's prioblems will last for 1000 years. There will be co-rulers with Christ in the heavens. These are close associates of Christ, hand selected from the earth for this future job of helping to rule over all mankind under the direction of Christ. Having come from the earth, they are well qualified to deal with the shortcomings and thinking that have caused man to suffer for centuries.

Jesus was not a political participant in his day. His full allegience went to God's kingdom. And those who choose to follow Christ do not participate in the local politics of their respective country. They fully support God's kingdom in every aspect of their life.

Christians choose to avoid the immoralities of this world, and maintain a clean standing before God according to HIS standards outlined in the Bible.

Christians feel that events surrounding us are evidence that we are living in the last days - momentous days that will bring about this total change in government structure from man-rule to Christ-rule. We will see this change shortly.

Christians honor the sanctity of life by avoiding abortions and misuse of blood.

Christians honor the sanctity of marriage and maintain marraige in a clean, moral state.

Christians value family life and strictly avoid all kinds of abuse and neglect to their young and old.

Christians avoid habits that harm the body - overuse/abuse of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco.

Christians do not allow customs/culture to contaminate their worship and avoid holidays or practices that have a background from false pagan worship.

Christians love their neighbors and use the patience of God as an opportunity to share the good news of God's kingdom with others as they are able, whether this be at their doors, or at work, school, or other times in every day life.

Christains regulary meet for prayer and instruction, engouragement and comfort. Christians are a world-wide brotherhood that is united in honoring Jehovah God and his Son, Jesus Christ.

Jehovah God uses his holy spirt, his power in action, to help us to cope and deal with our situations in life, and for help in understanding the scriptures.

All scriptures can be supplied to support what is stated.

Feel free to email.


It is refreshing to see a sincere post like yours. One that is not full of hate or criticism.

Our beliefs are plain and simple. We strive to live the way Jehovah our God has asked us to live. In this terrible world full of immorality and hate it is not always easy but keeping God close to your heart it is possible.

Remember this, near the "end" true Christians would be easily identifiable by the way they lived and the way they they treated their fellow man. The "truth" would become abundant and people would come to know who Jehovah is and who his chosen organization is.

No other religion can prove using the scriptures that souls are immortal, that hellfire does exist, and that pagan holidays are derived from biblical teachings.

Live the truth and have those blinders taken off that Satan has put over so many people.


Thank you so much for asking a respectul way! I have seen so much hate bashing of our beliefs in the short time I've been on this website, it's very refreshing to see a polite question about us and giving us the opportunity to explain our beliefs correctly!

Basically, we are practicing Christians following God's Word the Bible, and we carry out his commandments, for instance Matthew 10:11, 24:14, 28:19-20 commands us to preach throughout the entire inhabited earth and carry the message of Jehovah to everyone, so that they might be saved when the end comes. This is why we go out on our door to door work.

What other organization does this, and with such zeal and heartfelt love as Jehovah's Witnesses?

You may find all your other questions answered here on our official website:

Many thanks!


Many accuse JW as nonChristians for not believing in the trinity. But you can never find a verse in the bible that in order to become a Christian you must believe in trinity. True Christians follow the words of Jesus and his example (Read Luke 6:46 and 1 Pe 2:21-23). JWs strive to do that. We actively preach the good news of the Kingdom just as Jesus commanded (Mat 10:11, 24:14, 28:19-20 and Acts 1:8). We also refuse to retaliate and engage in wars in which people are called to carry arms against any country wherein their brothers and sisters in faith might live. (Read John 13:34-35). We also preach the name of God just as Lord Jesus did in John 17:6,26.

Foregoing considered, I can say that we JWs are Christians based on the guidelines set forth in the bible, not based on man-made doctrines :-)


we do not wear them magical undies...that's the mormons

we are not jehovas

Jehovah is God and we are His witnesses

We do everything we can when we or our children need an our bodies up with vitamins and good food.

We have set precedents on health care with blood expanders and other medical procedures.

We want to live.....we love our children as much as you love yours.


Another excellent website is In the left hand column there is info on our beliefs and other interesting stuff. I might add that this religion is the kindest and most loving of any religion that I have belonged to. The people in my congregation are truly like sons and daughters, brothers and sisters to me. I have had many horrifying things happening in my life the last few years. The congregation has supported and comforted me through all of this. I lost my home and had to move into a smaller place. 12 of the brothers and sisters in my congregation packed all my things and moved me in a couple of hours. The sisters stayed behind to clean my house. Then I lost my job. Again the brothers and sisters packed me up and moved me in a few hours. They even made sure I had something to eat that night instead of having to cook. Such loving actions are a regular part of our organization, When Katrina happened in the southern US, thousands of our brothers and sisters from the US and some from other countries went there to help clean and rebuild homes and Kingdom Halls. They did this at their own expense and their own time. They not only helped others in our religion but their neighbors. The materials to do the work were donated by worldwide contributions and nobody was charged anything. If they had insurance to cover there loses, it was up to them to pay back for the materials that were used or not. Most of our houses of worship are built by members at no charge. We do not take collections. Donations are welcome but not solicited. Jehovah God sees to it that we have as much as we need. The founder of our organization said that if it ever became necessary to beg for money, then Jehovah was not behind us. We have never had to beg for anything.


Here are the main beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses, and the scriptural support for each.

Bible is God's Word and is truth2 Tim. 3:16, 17; 2 Pet. 1:20, 21; John 17:17

Bible is more reliable than traditionMatt. 15:3; Col. 2:8

God's name is JehovahPs. 83:18; Isa. 26:4; 42:8, AS; Ex. 6:3

Christ is God's Son and is second to HimMatt. 3:17; John 8:42; 14:28; 20:17; 1 Cor. 11:3; 15:28

Christ was first of God's creationsCol. 1:15; Rev. 3:14

Christ's human life was paid as a ransom for obedient humansMatt. 20:28; 1 Tim. 2:5, 6; 1 Pet. 2:24

Christ's one sacrifice was sufficientRom. 6:10; Heb. 9:25-28

Christ was raised from the dead as an immortal spirit person1 Pet. 3:18; Rom. 6:9; Rev. 1:17, 18

Christ's presence is in spiritJohn 14:19; Matt. 24:3; 2 Cor. 5:16; Ps. 110:1, 2

We are now in the 'time of the end'Matt. 24:3-14; 2 Tim. 3:1-5; Luke 17:26-30

Kingdom under Christ will rule earth in righteousness and peaceIsa. 9:6, 7; 11:1-5; Dan. 7:13, 14; Matt. 6:10

Kingdom will bring ideal living conditions to earthPs. 72:1-4; Rev. 7:9, 10, 13-17; 21:3, 4

Earth will never be destroyed or depopulatedEccl. 1:4; Isa. 45:18; Ps. 78:69

God will eliminate present system of things in the battle at Har-MagedonRev. 16:14, 16; Zeph. 3:8; Dan. 2:44; Isa. 34:2; 55:10, 11

Wicked will be eternally destroyedMatt. 25:41-46; 2 Thess. 1:6-9

There is only one road to lifeMatt. 7:13, 14; Eph. 4:4, 5

Human death is due to Adam's sinRom. 5:12; 6:23

The human soul ceases to exist at deathEzek. 18:4; Eccl. 9:10; Ps. 6:5; 146:4; John 11:11-14

Hell is mankind's common graveJob 14:13, Dy; Rev. 20:13, 14, AV (margin)

Hope for dead is resurrection1 Cor. 15:20-22; John 5:28, 29; 11:25, 26

Adamic death will cease1 Cor. 15:26, 54; Rev. 21:4; Isa. 25:8

Only a little flock of 144,000 go to heaven and rule with ChristLuke 12:32; Rev. 14:1, 3; 1 Cor. 15:40-53; Rev. 5:9, 10

People God approves will receive everlasting lifeJohn 3:16; 10:27, 28; 17:3; Mark 10:29, 30


Because space and people's attention-spans are limited, it would be difficult to successfully itemize our key beliefs in this message. The friends above me have covered many, but if you would like to find more specifics, I have found that the information tied to the links below are not only very informative, but authoritative.

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