IQ of 92? Don't want to settle?

If a person has an IQ of 92 and is told they are more than qualified to be in the P.D. should they settle for that career path or set their sights higher? There are other openings like a cashier's spot at Wal-Mart and entry-level landscaper that rank a lot higher on the social echelon but they don't pay as much.

I am asking for a friend. Thanks


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Nothing wrong with being a cashier and I hear Wal-mart has good benefits.


do what you want is what I say.. if you want to pursue a higher position, go for it..


An IQ of 92 is no reason not to go for the stars. That is just another way of saying normal intelligence.

IQ tests only measure what they measure, and a person who works hard and is diligent should be able to handle college and do well.

Success depends on intellect, but it also depends on ability to stay focused (a skill that can be learned), and being organized and tenacious in going after some goal, be it science, business, a construction job or whatever.

To even suggest that a person of an IQ of 92 should stay in entry level jobs is so crazy, it isn't even good enough to be considered "wrong."

It is important to remember that IQ is based on a T-scale, and numbers very close to 100 (and 92 is very close to 100) are almost indistinguishable from it. Add in test error and having a bad day, and your friend might actually test around 110 on another given day. Some scoring depends on the examiner, so there's lots of wiggle room.

Bottom line: 92 equals normal intellect. A person of normal intellect who is willing to apply himself can do a LOT of things. If someone's saying 92 is a low score, then someone has been lying to you. Be careful of anything that person says to you.


I don't see why this is in the religion section, but since you're here I'll give you some advice. No matter how much intelligence or money or even how high your career is, never let that get in the way of your faith and trust in God. You don't want to lose what's important in life.


If you work at the P.D. you can always study part time and get qualifications for better employment.



100 is average, I think. 92 is a low score and P.D. is the police department? If so, then no, police have to be smart.


I don't think Walmart would even hire someone with an IQ of 92.


Wasn't that George Bush's I.Q or was that false?

There was a rumour there somewhere.