Why has Angelina Jolie converted to Islam? why wear headcovers?


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she hasn't converted to Islam. She's just giving respect to the local culture of Pakistan and most of all Islam. There is no wrong in giving respect to some religion or culture. And yeah covering your head doesn't make you a MUSLIM ! Converting into a religion and accepting its laws and regulations is a big thing !


isnt she just respecting the local culture


She is giving respect to Muslims


is it important


She hasn't, she's just respecting the culture and trying to help.


She didn't convert! She is helping out the flood and hunger victims! Something we should all be doing!


If the Taliban knows of her location, she'll be taken hostage, held for ransom, raped, beaten, and probably tried as a spy, if she lives that long.


Its the same reason when you go to the Western Wall in Jerusalem men must wear a head covering and women must cover their shoulders. Its respect for the local culture. Or to put in better perspective, they will spit on you for not being "properly dressed."