I got called a lazy pagan?

I got called a lazy pagan today by my sister because I don't do a lot of the things traditional pagans do (no tarot, spells, meditation, rituals, etc). She's says I'm doing it wrong & am still living like a Baptist, how is that even possible?

I worship the Goddess (Mother Earth) & God (I retained my Baptist God just not his Bible), I leave offerings, I thank them for the things in my life, I observe the moon phases, I celebrate the Sabbats, I believe in reincarnation, etc etc.


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I think she's jealous you don't have to do all those things and still class yourself a pagan tbh.

Its the same with all beliefs. There'll be the ones who fill their day walking the path, then there are ones like us who have lives and simply cannot do as much.


most pagans are homos and there is a link between homosexual behaviour and paedophilia


Odin says the earth goddess is a myth


Its not an all or nothing approach, maybe your sister is the one with the problem !


Good luck with that pagan thing.


Don't you know you have to follow the rules to be a non-conformist?


Well if your sister isn't an authority on this stuff, then whatever.


She might also be referring to the fact that you're a social degenerate.