Doesn't it seem rather silly to say that God gave Adam free will?

The issue of free will vs determinism has been debated for thousands of years. Some people believe as physical beings, between our genetic makeup and environment, free will is an illusion.

However, in the case of God, it is particularly ludicrous. God knows everything. And, God created man, so he had to know exactly how man's brain would work. When the Bible says that God was angry at man, why? If he is all knowing, he knew what was going to happen.

It would be like putting a cookie in front of a child, knowing with 100% certainty that he will eat it, and then getting furious with him for doing what you knew he would do.

Christians always make it sound like it was some kind of experiment, in which God, or the Devil, or who knows, was testing man. But, it is silly to make a test when you know, before the fact, what the outcome will be. As much as I like some elements of Christianity, I just don't get how Christians can accept the obvious contradictions in the proposition that an all-knowing God creates an imperfect man, waits a few thousand years, has a flood, allows the world to repopulate, then sends down a son to fix a problem that HE decided was a problem. It makes no sense. At least not to my "limited intellect"


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Sadly christians, and there are millions of them are incapable of understanding the simple logic of this statement


I do not answer here from a Christian perspective nor do I promote Christian apologetic, or the Christian view of Adam and the book of Genesis. I do not believe in the existence of the Christian religion's Devil, either.

I'm Jewish, and while my answer isn't going to be full of Biblical passages, it isn't going to contradict any aspect of my faith or the notion of human nature found in the book of Genesis in the Torah that shows that humans have both a good and a bad inclination within us and the capacity to choose our path in life.

I'll briefly quote my own words from 2007 from a little longer essay copyrighted on my blog, I link to below

This is what I see:

"I believe we have free will within the confines of limited parameters of physical existence. The physical properties of the universe, our earth, our biological composition including genetic variables and our physiologic mortality and our place and time in the world predetermine certain choices. I assert they do not control all of them."

I believe that the answer is not an either or, but to discover that randomness and free will and determinism are all involved in the course of a human life.

Original sin refers to the belief that all humans are born with a blot/burden of sin that must be reconciled with atonement or sacrifice..they're born with this stain or inherent sinful state because Adam and eve Sinned.

However..that is not a concept found in the torah at all and in fact, Torah in a literal since clearly indicates humans are born with inclination to both good and evil and have an ability to master the evil inclination.from Genesis forward this is supported in many passages

It was technically also impossible for them to 'sin" using the contextual meaning of the word as used in Torah, until they possessed the knowledge of good and evil and could make a choice between the two and the word for sin is only first used IN Genesis in reference to Cain and Abel and shows the notion of being able to master the evil inclination

An Omnipotent Creator has no limits as to what it "knows", and if there are no limits, then it is as illogical to assert that an omniscient Creator is incapable of setting up a system with variables that are based upon the free-will within the parameters of the mortal physical existence and physical universe system that it exist within?


this is why my personal belief is that God does NOT know what we are going to do. He can probably CHOOSE to know, but he chooses not to know (get what i mean?). It's like imagine you are God, and you have the choice of knowing what I'm going to do vs what I'm not going to do, but you choose not to know such knowledge, so that makes you both giving me free will + being all powerful still at the same time.


i never thought about that. great point. now i have something else to make fun of christians for






No, it's not silly. It's the way it was and is.


No...all mankind was created with free will.

That is what separates us from the other animals.