Does anyone else think the Christian God is a little weird?

I mean he's called our father but Jesus is not called our brother, we are called flocks of sheep, Christians think that without him you are immoral & heathenistic, there is no mother mentioned anywhere & if you piss him off your going straight to h*ll.

Is it so hard to behave yourself & act like an adult without the big bad daddy telling you to?


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The Christian god is... odd to me. All of these strange rules... I mean, what's the point of being born human if you can't act like one? Also, the story behind it all sounds like one of those activities you do in middle school, when the teacher tells you to start a story and pass it on to the next person.

It's all a little weird in my view, but, whatever floats the Christians' boat.


I am a Mormon Christian and Jesus is indeed our elder brother.

When Christ delivers a message from the Father, he can use the title of "Father" because it is as if the Father is speaking. He has been given permission and authority from God our Father to speak in His name. It doesn't mean that we should suppose that Christ is the Father because he is not.

There is an example of this found in The Book of Revelation. John believed that Christ himself was speaking to him and he went to worship him, he was forbidden. It was an angel sent from Christ who had been sent with authority to speak as if he were Christ. He even spoke in the first person and so when a message is delivered, the messenger may use the name of the authority that sent them.

Christ and God are two separate individuals who are one in purpose and it is completely Biblical doctrine.

Besides being our brother, he is also our friend. He called his disciples his friends.

Mormonism teaches that we also have a mother in heaven. Mormonism doesn't teach that if you piss the Lord off that you will go straight to hell. Neither did Jesus teach this. You have a whole life to learn and grow. Hell can be found right here on earth because of disobedience to the commandments of God. Obedience to laws brings happiness and freedom. Disobedience brings suffering, guilt, and misery.

Christ is not the mean ogre that some have unfortunately portrayed.

I hope that the impressions that you have been led to believe can be overcome.

I know that he is kind and and answers prayers and if you would like to hear some personal examples, feel free to email me.




I'm not weird! So what if I dress up in drag on the weekends!




do you treat nature the same way? Your not an adult if you conform to those stupid lies about gravity and overeating, tce


Getting your kid nailed up to a pole for a magic apple is NOT weird


No not at all. I think He is Amazing. He is the Big Boss...and our Big Daddy...