For christians? please answer this i am begging you?

i know this question isnt the smartest or most important but i need to know:

If you are with a guy in a relationship and you are both christians and always go to church and you do your best to please and be with God, and everything is going fine with the guy, and all of a sudden he breaks up with you, and you guys have a really bad break up and are fighting for a whole month but after that month you guys go back to being freinds but you still love him, and you dont know that he loves you but you still love him and want to be with him,,, now my questions are:

1)Did God make the boy break up with you because maybe you were starting to love the boy more than God himself?

2)Did satin take away the boy to make you think God did it and make you turn against him or something?

3)Is it bad to pray to God for your boyfriend back?



1. No God did not make the boyfriend break up with you. Unfortunatley everyone has the free will to do what they want. Life hurts sometimes.

2. Satan didnt take away the boy anymore than God did.

3. You may be recieving a blessing and not know it. Its hard to see sometimes that whats best for us isnt always what we want. Pray about it yes, but if it doesnt go the way you want it doesnt mean that God didnt answer your prayer.


No. I am not answering your question. Sorry. You have to ask God first and expectantly wait for His answer.


1- not necessarily but never love anyone more than God

2- No - satan has no such control over our lives

3- always pray God's will - never your own ------ and be prepared to accept no as an answer sometimes.....God knows best


I think the best bet is for the person to ask the guy how come he broke up. No, I dont believe there is anything wrong in the asking...the answer will be either a yes, no, or wait a while.



God only wants what is best for us. If you are meant to be together, you will eventually get back together. Maybe God has someone else for you somewhere.


I don't know. You should pray. Not everything can be solved instantly. Perhaps God has a plan for you, but what you need to do is you must follow God, that is you help the less fortunate people. Read Matthew 25:31-46. God bless you!


You are giving God and Satan too much credit. What happens in your life is what you make happen and what the people around you make happen. God is concerned with the way you treat others, but I doubt that he or she has your life spelled out so specifically.