Christian: What kinds of things do you allow God to do in your life?

What types of things is God wanting to do that you've decided to let HIm?


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ALLOW? He pretty much does what He wants...He doesn't need my permission. As it should be, of course.


Nothing he does not exist!


He doesn't exist.


I HAVE to answer this one, though I am in fact an atheist. My answer is that god isn't, and therefore, can't DO anything!


I let God give me a beejay. And he said his own name at the sight of how big I am. I remarked "Why it was you who made me so large Lord. Now get back on your knees"


Lots of things. He allows me to answer this question.


I allow him to lead me and love me and correct me when i fall down.


Develop my faith higher to accommodate what he wants done in my life.