Did pagans purpusly add the word Amen into the bible ?

I learned that Aman not nessarly spelled the same way is a pagan God. It was mostly pagans that started Cathlolizum. After learning this in noteiest that Amen was used more then once at the end of a bible verse it seemed exsesive so I had to ponder more if there is something to this. I recently asked my self did Jesus say Amen when he prayed. To my knowlage Jesus never said any such thing one time. Satan is very crafty and over time maybe the word Amen was intentaly to trick people to worship Amen or make prayerz to Amen even tho they might think that they are

worshiping Christ. I like the verses that point out that one should not add to or take form the bible

but we all know with all the diffrent varations of the bible depending on what verstion one usez they are defently not the same in exsact wording you will even find that some very twisted vertions of the

bible such as the NWT the verses are pharfrazed diffrently and commentery was interjected.

Could I be very right about this did someone add the word Amen into the bible and who exsactly did this ? I recall a paster asking someone if they beleave that the KJV is 100 % the word of God and knowing what I know I said to my self NO maybe better then 80 % but knowing how crafty satan iz and now foulable people are it iz likely that the KJV is not 100 %. But thank God and Jesus I been blessed with a working brain and shown this simple possiblitys of truth. When that paster asked that person if they beleaved the KJV is 100 % the word of God I had to ponder if he was just part of

the crafty ness of satan as a way to make fun of a person and smite God for them saying yes out of

ignorance. Personaly I think that paster possibly seen errors him self in the KJV but instead of talking with otherz about it he reather sale his brand name of Christanity then talk or warn otherz

about this. After all how could he be the pitch man that he seemz to be if people had to qwestion

the accrasy of the item that preaches and givez out to otherz.

It iz to bad that there iz not a bible verses that sayz be mindfull and seek the truth or something alonge them linez. Maybe there was versez like that but someone may have distroid them.

After all just because someone might make light of thiz possible stuff don't mean that everyone learns about it and there are many that likely would never bring up such issuez.

People blindly with out much thought can get programed into doing most anything second hand and

it might seem inocent but really how inocent iz it ? I had heard so many say Amen when praying

and some people seemed to get over board with doing so. I will point out one very plain to see simple fact Jesus never thought people to say Amen and Jesus never did it him self.


Your post is superficial in it's content, the correct way to refer to the egyptian god is Amun-Ra.

Very different.

The words "verily" "surely", "faithfulness", "truth" in the Bible; all things Jesus taught on. They all have connection with "amen" which translated means: So be it.

Jesus said in Matthew 18:19, "Again, verily I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven."

In rabbinical Judaism the word amen is spoken after the uttered blessing of the priest.

Since the Jews fervently uphold that God is one with no one besides him they would not use a word that in any way speaks of a pagan god.

During the period of 1550 – 1070 BCE, The Egyptian god Aman was also the mighty one (god) of the kings of Egypt. Together with his wife Mut and their son Khonsu, they formed the Theban tri-godhead.


tl;dr But no, Amen is a Hebrew word which means "so be it" or "verily." Remember that the OT of the Bible was written in Hebrew originally, and Jesus probably would have spoken and/or read Hebrew.

Also, Jesus did say "amen." Repeatedly. Every time He said "verily" or "so be it", He was saying "amen."