Is Mary the god of Roman Catholicism?

"We must perform all our actions for Mary, which means that as slaves of this noble Queen we will work only for her, promoting her interests and her high renown, and making this the first aim in all our acts, while the glory of God will always be our final end. In everything we must renounce self- love because more often than not, without our being aware of it, selfishness sets itself up as the end of all we work for. We should often repeat from the depths of our heart: 'Dear Mother, it is to please you that I go here or there, that I do this or that, that I suffer this pain or this injury.'" St. Louis Marie de Montfort, in The Secret of Mary, #49.…


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Mary is Isis.... from the Egyptian religions. Isis was very popular in ancient Rome as well - perhaps because many of their gods were male. And Romans loved the idea of an imported female goddess. There is a great example of an Isis Temple at Pompeii.

So as the old gods were dying and christianity was coming in, the idea of Mary got stuck on Isis - wife of god, mother of god.


She's one of them. Others are: the Pope, every nun who has died and takes their fancy to canonize and of course Satan.


They think she

A. was born perfect (immaculate)

B. She is the queen of heaven

C. She never died

D We should pray to her ten times more than to the Father (the Rosary)



Mary is their prayer Goddess. Pope John Paul the II was even quoted saying Mary guided the bullet that almost killed him.


No but she is the only major player catholics are allowed to have a personal unmediated relationship with which is why she is tops


There is only one way. It is God through His Son Jesus Christ. there is no mentioning of mary in that way. roman catholic has being the main deceiver in the history of christianity.


No. I am an atheist, but you are mischaracterizing the Roman Catholic religion.


Mary is the Mother of God. We also call her the Queen of Heaven. She is addressed in Prayer as such

Hail Holy Queen etc. She is not our God as you suggest.