How is volcano formed?




By instain magma.


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Wrong section. Here most people will just say, "god made it". Try homework help or science.


The rock covering a pocket of magma is weakened enough for the magma to come through.


volcano blows lava into an earthquake, baby volcano is formed


A volcano forms when successive layers of hardened lava start to build up from an initial vent in the ground.


Well, this is very much GCSE Geology, which ive done so here ois a basic low down... At DESTRUCTIVE plate margins , for example, we see one plate sub-ducting under another. As you can imagine the two plates sliding pass each other create ENORMOUS amounts of friction and this often causes Earthquakes in what we cool the Benioff zone. The friction also generates A LOT of heat and causes the subducting plate to partial melt, this partially melted magma rises up and comes up at the surface, thus creating a volcano, We have COMPOSITE Volcanoes where we have thick Viscous lava and SHIELD volcanoes where we get thin runny non-viscous lava... :)