Have you ever met a Pagan?

What where they like?

I was raised Pagan by my white witch healer mother and my Pagan priest father, it was a great childhood ^_^


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You are normal people with a spectacular past time to be honest. There is nothing wrong in honouring your religion.


I met SpiderMan on my roof


No, but he was a scientific pioneer.

OOOhhh... Sorry, I thought you asked if I'd ever met Sagan...


They very closely resemble satanists.


Yes, and now we have two wonderful children.


They are two-a-penny in my neck of the woods.(SW England) Some are very nice and some are quite objectionable. Like most people really.

I like it that they love wild places, like me


Yes, many times.

They are like everyone else - highly variable.

Some are evil and cruel, some kind, some utterly idiotic, others brilliant.


Seriously? That sounds totally cool. I was raised by a strict Catholic mother and a semi-alcoholic, asynchronous no-religion-specified father...