Muslims: I have one question for you regarding Islam?

I just started practicing islam and i found out ALOT of things that i could not even imagine before alhamdulillah!

I am living a new lifestyle. At least I am trying my best because i dropped many friends that did not benefit me. I wear the hijab and i pray salat and live my life according to the qur'an and sunnah.

My problem right now is school. I go to a public school where the majority are kaffirs and i'm a bit nervous about approaching the muslims who in fact i dont even get to see much! In certain classes i hangout with the people whom i used to hang out with and it's soo hard to stop hanging out with them because then i will feel very bad and lonely. It also is very difficult to h ang out with them because then i feel like a totally different person as if i'm my old self again. One of the closest i talk to is a lesbian and i don't know what to do to stay away from her. What should i do or say?

Note that i don't have muslims in my class nor do i see muslims in the school. HELP ME! i don't want any distractions.

PS: as you can see this question is for muslims. Thank you.


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Assalamu alykum sis. don't pay attention to all these ignorant people on here.

Anyway alhamdulillah you've accepted Islam. You can still talk to females of other religions but be sure that you don't follow them in their disbelief but being friendly to them can be a source of them learning about Islam. But being friends with males will not lead to good. If you feel that you cannot be friends with these disbelieving females without it harming you or your iman then when you're alone in school, read Qur'an or hadith or any beneficial book to pass the time.

You should not put your faith or religion in jeopardy for anyone because only you will receive the reward or punishment for your actions. Insha' Allah this helped sis. You can email me if you like. Assalamu alaykum.


You must be one ugly mf to wear that


Learn the true unbiased history of Islam and its 'prophet' and you will understand that it is a false, evil religion that spread its way out of Arabia by war, unprovoked conquest, forced conversion, and dhimmitude. I urge you to question Islam and the evil life and actions of its false prophet Muhammad, as NOT being the true religion from God. Islam does not offer salvation. It is founded on hate, terror, and violence. There is no salvation outside God's true and only Church - the Catholic Church, which was founded upon love and sacrifice. I assure you that Islam is not the truth and cannot be for so many reasons. If you want to learn more about why I say this, email me. May God bless you.


Well, it doesn't matter to me, I make good friends from the start, so them being christian/jewish doesn't matter. If I were you, I'd just give them an honest explanation for why you couldn't hang out with them anymore and how their actions are against your religion so you are not permitted to be around them. I'm sure they'll understand, Inshallah.

If your school doesn't have Muslims, be patient, and try to meet some in a Mosque or something. Then when you get to college, you'll meet MANY Muslim girls. And don't be afraid to approach them. We are all sisters in Islam.


If a religion/philosophy is requiring you to alienate your friends and stop talking to individuals who enjoy your company, you need to ******* QUIT IT!

I don't have a problem with religion itself, but I DO have a problem when it starts tearing relationships with friends, family, and colleagues asunder.

Every religion claims to know what happens after death and make the general statement that all others are heretic claims of deception- if you must have faith in something, have faith in something that is at the very least accepting of others and honors loyalty, friendship, and comradeship between members of different cultures/belief systems.


Congratulations sister,

First you do not need to be isolated or separated from your class mates... No you should be more friendly and close to them . Because as you mentioned you are wearing hijab, you will be able to distribute islam in a friendly nice way.

I am a muslim who has a lot of non muslim friends and people loved me and aloot reverted to islam when they noticed that i am a friendly muslim who has a sence of humor.


Not everyone is like you. Deal with it. Why have you suddenly turned into an arsehole because you found religion?


heres an idea be yourself and have your religion as a muslim.

just because you have a new religion does not mean you should change your whole life.

i pity the fact that you believe to be a muslim you must look down on your "old" friends