What religion was the happiest person you ever met?

As a Pagan I am often told that I'm the happiest person that a lot of people have ever met ^_^ this pleases me! We do seem to be pretty carefree and happy for the most part.


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Pagan & your right we do seem.....less weighed down than other religions.

My personal opinion? It's because one of the veliefs most Pagans hold is that you are responsible for how your life goes, you give happiness you get it back.

Alot of people from other faiths will claim that the belief doesn't make the person but I think there has to be something to it :)


Islam is the happiest religion for the happiest people in this world And the world after life.


My brother-in-law and he doesnt go to church


I met a cat.


I'm a Christian and I am the saddest person you've ever met. Does that make a difference?


The happiest person I've met was a wiccan. And she is my best friend. ^.^


It was one in the Catholic tradition of Christianity