How Long Before Christianity Dies?

With people in general becoming more intelligent do you think christianity will last another century? Or do you think it will die off like many religions before it?


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I'd love to say pretty soon, but alas, there will always be credophiles and wannabe martyrs and other suckers to buy into it. Religion is the opiate of the gullible and needy. It said its last intelligible or relevant thing centuries ago, its texts have been long debunked, its need made redundant by knowledge and science, but it persists. The best thing is not to persecute it, but to ignore or ridicule it, and let it die the long, painful death it deserves for all the evil it has produced.


it will live forever


God's words will never die


I don't think it will die off, I wish it would though


The day I create my own religion.




no because you can not get married in a church in front of god without believing


The rate of human intelligence is not fact it is decreasing... this question is a prime example.