I need help from a pastor please.........?

What role does sunday school plays in the church? How does it help the family.

How do you go about helping the needy in your society?

Do you know people that went through marriage counselling? If so how does it affect them?

Does the church provide marriage counselling?

How is you're church meeting the social, spiritual and psychological needs?

Can you please answer all of the questions and please say your name and church name as well thanks.


What role does sunday school plays in the church?

Most of the Sunday schools aim at providing the common masses with an opportunity to study the Bible. The Sunday school education often included a comprehensive study of the Bible. It intends to imbibe in the minds of the people, the principles and philosophies stated in the Bible. One of the primary purposes of the Sunday school is to teach the Bible to the students. The Sunday school teaching aims at instilling in the minds of the students, faith in God and teaching them the principles, which Christ adhered to. The education imparted in Sunday schools is generally intended to promote Christian fellowship. One of the primary goals of a Sunday school is to evangelize the common people, thereby promoting the spread of Christianity. It aims at bringing people from different strata of society together. It aims at uniting the people under one common umbrella called Christianity. The preachings of Jesus Christ are shared with the common masses and they are encouraged to adhere to His principles.

Sunday school is meant to teach the common people, the principles of social service. Sunday schools are about teaching the people to be concerned towards society and work for its betterment. It is about encouraging the people to be positive in life and imbibe optimism in those around them. It is about instilling in the young minds, love and care towards others in society. The Sunday school education aims at bringing about the spread of justice and equality in society. It aims at developing a society that believes in living with peace and harmony. Sunday schools aim at helping people from all age groups to adopt the principles of God. Sunday school education intends to teach the people the ways to adhere to ideals in life. At times, this involves the learning of scriptures from the Bible. Learning what the Bible has to say helps the people communicate with God. Enabling the communication of a common man with God is an important goal of Sunday schools. They aim at bringing about a spiritual growth of their students.

How does it help the family

It helps the family because of the fact that Sunday schools give the family and society an opportunity to be a part of the mission of Christianity to establish equality, peace and harmony in their family and society. They aim at the creation of a society that is based on the principles of Christ. They serve as excellent platforms to go closer to God.

How do you go about helping the needy in your society?

There are many ways to do this, here are a few...

? Give to charity. There are national charities, such as The United Way. There are also local charities through churches. Your donations will be put to good use. Try to get your company involved with a charity. The United Way works with companies to take up contributions. This is a great way to get large donations for the needy. Employers will often match whatever an employee gives to charity.

?Donate clothes and household goods to the Salvation Army or Goodwill. This is an easy way to help the needy. Clothes, furniture, and baby items are things that are always in high demand with these types of organizations. Giving to goodwill and the Salvation Army offers a way to teach children the importance of helping others. Let them go through toys. Look for unneeded things that can be given away to brighten someone else's day. This will help your child become a caring adult.

?Serve food at soup kitchens during the holidays. This is a time when many are in need. Your caring, helping hand may be the only one somebody receives during the holiday season.

Do you know people that went through marriage counseling? If so how does it affect them?

Does the church provide marriage counseling?

Yes, I have went through marriage counseling and my father does and has had marriage counseling. It affects a person's marriage because it given them guidance within their marriage as well as it allow people to know what to expect in marriage before saying their vows. Yes, the church provides marriage counseling.

How is you're church meeting the social, spiritual and psychological needs?

We do a lot of things in these areas, to list a few. We offer morning prayer for those who would like to be strengthen by God with fellow sisters and brothers. We are championing many different causes within the society such as victory ministries, world vision, unifec, and etc. Championing causes are assisting foundations with what they do as well as coming up with a solutions for the problems themselves that they are currently fighting. We offer counseling to those who may need it in general due to going through a tough time in life or just needing general guidance.

-Michelle Church: International Christian Center


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