How to become a member of the church of satan?

Ok,I know some details about becoming a member,but I want to know more,for example:how much I need to pay? for how long is that membership? can both male and female join? is there a different payment or anything if I live not in the USA ? could I ever resign my membership after joining? and more info would be useful?


You got to their website, educate yourself about who they are, what they do, and who they expect members to be, fill out an application and I suppose they decide if they want you or not.

But really, if I have to figure all that out for you, perhaps you are not the type they are looking for.


Pray to God that you pass Satan's employees test.


How sad, another one lost to the darkside.


You pay $200 (depending on where you go) and badabing badaboom, you're in! And yes, it's a one time fee.

For more information, here's the website:…


I have a question? If God exists, why would you take the chance for eternal damnation by being a follower of the prince of darkness that is for everything BAD, vile and Detestable in the sight of God.

You would be willing to loose everything?


As mentioned, a one time fee of $200 is required. I assume it lasts as long as you wish to be in the Church. Yes, male, female and trans people are welcome. I think there is an international CoS.

For some more in-depth, check around the CoS site and email them.


Everybody is born with a fallen, sinful nature, which automatically dooms that person to be tossed into the eternal lake of fire along with satan on judgment day, thus there's no need to join satan, because you are already there.

On the other hand, if you believe that Jesus is the only path to eternal life through His substitutionary sacrifice on the cross, then you no longer belong to satan.


Why on earth would you want to do a thing like that with your life? If you believe in a Satanic force enough to join his supposed church, then you must also acknowledge the existence of a benevolent and loving creator God, who is the origin of all things. Why then risk an eternity of damnation to ally yourself with the embodiment of evil.

It would be much better for your physical and spiritual safety if you abandoned any notion of joining this sinister cult, and spent your energy worshipping the one true creator, who cares about you, and loves you so much than Satan ever will.

Give the $ 200 membership fee to the poor, go to Church, and change your life for the better!