Is it important to understand a Pastor in order to heed their words?

Like a minister or deacon or pastor of the my Father Earl?


Father Earl is a pervert and probably on parole for having sex with animals. I saw him eating a dead squirrel off the blacktop drive of the church on a 90 degree day...sicko.


The bible says to get knowledge,wisdom but in all your getting ...get understanding ;as you said you can't heed their words if you don't understand what they said or meant.You could go in the opposite direction than what they were trying to lead you or go overboard to an extreme because what they said and what you thought they said were different.that may be one reason Jesus said be careful how you hear because the way you hear could be wrong and the bible also says to what (the degree) you hear more shall be added. In the natural (as i understand it) if a baby's hearing is defective then they won't be able to pronounce words correctly,the same with grown-ups,teenagers etc,if they don't hear you correctly or understand what you said it could cause hurt feelings,misperceptions and in some exteme cases may cost you your life ,all because what you said was misinterpreted ,incorrectly heard or misunderstood .Hope I didn't misunderstand your question : )