Many Christians say they have former gays in their do they know?

Even if they testify that the Lord "delivered them from evil" how can you trust that they won't bother you or your children? Are they encouraged to date the opposite sex within the church?


they might have friends who communicate with them.


Fireball is right. They may have friends that will try to communicate.



Other than what the "Unction" within witnessed to, No!


That is hogwash. No such thing as ex gay. I have friends who claimed to be "delivered" from homosexuality years ago, but lately they honestly announced to the universe that wasn't true at all.

Check this out...…


The very idea that gays would "bother" me or my children is ludicrous (especially since one of my kids is, in fact, openly gay). There are plenty of gays in my congregation, and I don't mean "former" ones. I'm talking about open ones, and they are beloved and valuable members of the congregation. You're right; how would someone even know such a thing to begin with? I'm glad that I attend services at a place where people can be accepted for who they are instead of having to jump through hoops just to please a bunch of homophobes.


There is no such thing as a former gay.

There is such a thing as "hiding your true sexuality and forcing yourself to have relationships with people you are not attracted to."

Also, why would a homosexual bother someone or their children? I'd trust a homosexual with children more than I would trust a straight man, since heterosexual men make up an overwhelming majority of pedophiles.

Check the statistics.

EDIT: No offense to straight men. I know you are not all pedophiles. That would be a very sexist/heterophobic assumption