Are most christians afraid?

Do they worship and believe so hard because they are afraid of god the powerful and not because its god the good? I mean god is kinda mean in parts of the bible and even bad to kids so why do they repeat how good he is? Like their afraid he might be mean to them so they keep saying things they think he wants to hear instead of the truth.


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You are hot and so very intelligent. I agree with you completely. When one accepts the one who is claimed to be god as saying he is truth there seems to be a bug in the ointment. But that is what the writers hoped for and got, control and money.


of G-d only and for you.


god the good? sounds like an english title


You are a buffoon.


No, God doesn't give us a spirit of fear, Satan does. I'm protected by the blood of Jesus and nothing can by any means harm me.


You're pretty much an idiot, aren't you?




People believe in religion because they're afraid of the outcome after death. The truth doesn't hurt. Religion is a good rule of thumb but I refuse to revolve my whole life around it