Do jinns exist? if yes, then provide some evidence.?

recently i had a talk with my friends about some experiences they had in the past, one of my friends claimed to have seen a jinn sitting on a chair which he described as kind of like a dark figure, he said he saw it at night when everyone was asleep.....he also told me that his grandmother had seen these jinns that took forms as monkeys (ROFL), and he also stated that jinns have been following his family for a long time and few members of his family also experienced the same things. All my friends believe him but i think its a load of crap and I'm really not convinced, even though he seemed so serious about it,and I know him well enough to know when he's pulling my leg or not. I'm skeptical by nature and i would like to know if anyone of you have some decent evidence to convince me that they exist. I personally don't believe in ghosts,spirits,jinns especially not in his story because he said it was after watching a scary movie so it seems obvious to me that it's in his head,as for everyone else who claims to have seen one, i think that it's just in their head.... but I'm still interested and open to new things and hope you can provide me with anything good:)


No evidence for Jinns, God, Satan, magic, Heaven/Hell, fairies, Santa, etc..


no they do not exist


No. Djinns are a myth.


It is called temporal lobe epilepsy. (Paul had it too.)


You can't see Jinns, hear them, touch them or smell them.

But somehow they exist. lol how convenient.


Yes Jinns exist and what kind of evidence are you looking for ? The I want to meet one or that a source that claims they exist checks out.

Edit" Those who claim they don't exist, how does that work ?


They do exist. go youtube and search and if you really wanna see one draw a circle sit in there and read surah al Jin constently with heart but dont freak out if you see one or you will be done.


Jinns are familiar spirits. Familiar spirits are fallen angels who serve as Satan's eyes and ears. They outnumber humanity several thousand to one. They gather data going back to man's epoch. They take whatever form is most convincing to the person who wants to believe that there is no such place as heaven or hell.