A Question for christians, why did god chose us?

And not the other human subspecies that were just as smart as us? Of course the other branches of humans died off and only homo sapiens exist now. Unless of course you reject facts like human evolution in which case, good luck on your nobel prize acceptance speech when you finally debunked it.


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God held a chili cook-off in 200,000 BC. Homo Sapiens won with our Five-Alarm Mammoth Chili with Beans. It was hot enough to thaw the ice age, and here we are now, God's chosen species.


Cause HE created US.


Ask the jews.


Pity. Clearly, we were not going to make it without Him.


evolution never happened its a science created myth


Simply put, God is just an idea created by humans. It's not true, or valid.


He chose the Jews, not the Christians. Ask them instead.


It was up to God to decide when Homo Divinus had arrived.