Theists, what would disprove God for you?

I'm an atheist and I'm willing to accept God if he shows himself or provides an undeniable evidence.

Is there ANYTHING that will prove to you that there is no God?

If your answer is 'no' then you're just close minded. If 'yes' then please let us know.


Nothing. Their confirmation bias is far too strong, and their hypocrisy on "open mindedness" is well known. They continually tell us we are not "open minded" because we reject their claims that gods exist, yet they are unwilling to even entertain the notion that they are incorrect and their god does not exist. Pot, meet kettle.


Yeah, but you can touch the car. And measure it. Take pictures of it. You know, the complete opposite of this "god" of yours, which exists only in the mind of its followers.


You're making the mistake of thinking that evidence is of any consequence to most theists


They don't even have an answer to give, you're the close minded one.

In other words, don't answer no otherwise you're close minded, answer yes if you're open minded and I will give the one who says yes BA.


Since I know Him, that would be impossible. You might as well try ti convince me my wife doesn't exist. This is what non-believers just can't grasp - that the Christian life doesn't consist of "learning stuff" and "believing stuff" about God. It consists of meeting Him, coming to know Him in personal way, and living in relationship with Him.


the answer is 'no' because i have one on one experience with God .. you have to get that point .. its not about proving .. what it is about is translation of physical evidence and how it can be manipulated among those that do not know God .. tell you about being close minded - that is believing what is in a government approved textbook ..

#5 the only evidence *you'll* accept is the undeniable kind, yet *we're* the close-minded ones. That's kind of like saying you won't believe Mount Everest exists unless you see it with your own two eyes, then refusing to travel to where it is and demanding instead that someone bring it to you. Because I have no more ability to make God do something He doesn't want to do than I have to move a mountain.

As for what could convince me God does not in fact exist, the evidence I require is quite simple. It's not even evidence at all, for the most part, but explanation. I require a valid explanation for how the universe could have come about without reference to unprovable multiverse theory, together with an explanation for why evolution has occurred at the rate it has despite it being a near statistical impossibility, along with a convincing explanation for how abiogenesis occurred--none of this, "Well, we know it happened, and maybe the molecules were somehow attracted to forming in those patterns, but we can't explain why and we can't replicate it, but we know God didn't do it because He doesn't exist because evolution proves we don't need Him."

And then, after that, I would simply require evidence that Jesus of Nazareth did not actually rise from the dead. This could be as simple as finding his actual tomb, or as complicated as sending someone back in time with a videotape and recording either him saying that he was not the son of God and couldn't perform any miracles, or recording what happened to him after he was taken down from the cross.


If you have a car sitting outside your house, what would it take for me to prove to you it doesn't exist?

There are two kinds of people in this world:

--those who see reality and learn from it

--those who see reality and fear it

You're in the second group. You want the convenience of shielding yourself from something that exists, and you want us to help you do it.