What causes physical ugliness? Genetics, Drugs, Weight?

A few days ago I asked someone what causes uglyness and they said that drugs like meth and getting high cause uglyness and he said not dieting also causes uglyness and when I said to him "Genetics?" he replied with "it isn't genetic, people are ugly because they have neglected themselves and have injested chemicals into themselves to cause this, if everyone was benevolent and that... Uglyness wouldn't even exist." * He also bummed deformity out and said "If people weren't so foolish no one would be deformed, a deformed person can receive treatment and look normal, but they aren't ugly, they look average." I guess he's right, people are only ugly because they have neglected themselves or have did drugs like crystal meth or heroine, and have gotten high in some way one to many times. * He said uglyness could also be caused by brain damage but could easily be reversed with treatment depending on the damage. I am unsure if he is right though, he probably isn't.


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Anyone can look attractive enough if they take care of themselves.


-Certain contaminants in our environment may damage DNA and cause deformities in offspring. Some of these contaminants may be unintentionally (Pollution) or intentionally (Drugs) ingested into the body. Drugs can also cause physical deformities on an individual. It all depends on what they ingest.

-Not properly taking care of our children and ourselves can cause people to not look very attractive as well. For example, children that are not breast-fed enough and who constantly suck on pacifiers, their blankets, thumbs, tongue, teeth or feed through bottles are known to develop crooked adult teeth, weaker jaw-lines and may develop bad swallowing habits. Or, people who constantly eat or drink certain things may develop bad acne, bad odors, bad hair, bad skin, obesity etc due to the lack of essential nutrients and healthy lifestyle habits.


This is gonna be corny:

Generally, if you are ugly person on the inside, that will translate to the the outside too. If you have negative thoughts all the time, you'll start wearing an ugly expression on your face and so no matter how attractive your underlying features are, you'll look like an absolute minger.

I also think it is wrong for you to say that someone with a deformity can only be attractive if they have treatment. Ok, they may not be the most aesthetically pleasing people on the planet but you can still appreciate the beauty that they are alive (as usually, though not always, those with a deformity have survived against the odds - whether it be genetic or inflicted through injury)


The eye of the beholder




Damages comes from drugs.


People cause physical ugliness... Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder.


Asymmetry is considered attractive.