Would you join Necrotheism?

We worship the Grim Reaper, but not all of us believe in him, but take him symbolically.

It was founded by a man who goes by Anonymous. It's not to scare anyone, it's not a freakshow. Basically we practice Necromancy and worship the dead.

It's not a requirement to believe in anything supernatural, most of us take it symbolic, Anonymous didn't believe in any kind of supernatural entity at all. A quote from him;

"All religions worship the dead; Buddhists and Buddha, Christians and Jesus, Muslims and Muhammad. Even the nonreligious do - I observe them saying that they'd do things differently if they had a second chance, they love them more when they are dead. That is why we worship the dead."

The Grim Reaper is symbolic for Death, if you hadn't known, we cannot draw a verb "death", so the Grim Reaper is the visual appearance.

It is absolutely free to join, email me if you are interested.


No I

Believe in God and the teachings of Jesus


Funny how I do not seem to have noticed you over the past twenty odd years that my hand has tended the grave of my own dead child ... strange how I love flowers and the grave-yard is full of colors and a peaceful feeling ...there are angels and teddy bears and favorite toys on headstones and fairies and wizards and crystal balls but I ain't never seen a friend like you!

I do not worship my dead matey but I do respect them deeply!

My dead are Angels to me and I even took my spade but you can call it a shovel and I dug in that grave-yard and I made a heart shaped Angel garden full of flowers and little statues of cute fairies and other people put vases there and flowers and you may call us mourners what you all will and call the grievers a joke if you will but that will not stop the ..."be still"


"absolutely free to join" as if anyone would pay.


Isn't that what we have the Terry Pratchet fan websites for?

Why should anyone bother emailing you?


how would i join


I would Love to join, I' ve always had an obsession with the grim reaper and the dead.


I have been interested in this and I really have been wanting to learn more about it. I will always love god but I feel people who worship him are hypocrites, seeing as how they frown upon sin and yet they sin every day.SURE, they CAN ask for forgiveness but what's the point? They'll just sin again and again.I have also thought Satan was a pretty **ty guy and Athiesm is just full of pot smoking hippie douchebags.And I thought Death was like a gift to finally let us rest and take us from the bitter curse that is life.SO that feeling escalated into an interest and now I want to convert into what you call "Necrotheism".