How can I be a satanist?

I'm interested in fire, souls, demons all that stuff.

I think it would be cool, what should I do to be a satanist?


That joyofsatan website is freaky. :o

We know you're a satanist already, Sebastian. ^w^


real Satanists are atheists who follow the Satanic Bible. they are not Christians who bow to a Christian God


Worship satan.


You'd have to believe in Satan but you don't believe in God so why would you believe in Satan?

Your name is Sebastian?! :o


If you want to be a satanist, a great way to start is by calling this number: 1 800 273 8255


Okay, then.

Why don't you just go and take a look at the Joy of Satan website?

The address is - take your time to read through everything.


Here go to this link,we practice spiritual Satanism…

Demons are very nice creatures and many of em are very famous Greek and Egyptian Gods.…

Please read All or most of the site before you do the ritual to become a satanist.

Cause the ritual is permanent ;D

This ritual gives you the ability to talk to Satan and the gods of Duat and gives your soul protection and makes you a satanist :D

Dedication/Satanist Ritual…


oh brother, Satanists are not christians, we are normal atheists who follow the Satanic Bible and not the christian bible and beliefs of that silly occult garbage of souls, demons, and hell, that is all fiction for fools

Don't be a Hollywood Satanists who believes in monster movie crap. grow up and be a real Satanist which is what the Satanic bible is for