Who is the Patron Saint of robots?

Who is the Patron Saint of robots?


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St. Torg T Robit of Mars


Believe it or not, I looked this up and found that if their were a Patron Saint to Robots it would most likely be Saint Macrina the Younger. Her brother recorded her memoires on her deathbed and in his book we read 'St. Macrina's contention that the building of Greco-Roman automata was a pointer toward the existence of the soul and God.'


St Vidican, whose symbol is a small, yellow handle screwdriver. He put in a number of "cameo appearances" in the works of Christopher Stacheffe.

(at least I think that was his name, it's been awhile since I read those books).


St. Bob May. You have to have died to be a Saint and he did die in January of last year. (he played the robot on the US TV show "Lost in Space" for those who don't know)

Asimov is immortal, btw. Well, he is to ME. *pout*


Pintsize from Questionable Content.




His Holiness Optimus prime

and St. Voltron


St. Sputnik