Is acting considered a good life job?

Im only in 8th grade and im still questioning what I want to do with my life.

I really have a passion for acting and directing. So I want to either be a news anchor, an actress, or a movie director. But im not sure if those are good life jobs. Like being a lawyer is a good life job, but is acting?


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In life people are always going to criticize you for whatever you choose to do and how you do it. Unfortunately, it's just something that cannot be avoided due to the way humans are.

The arts industry is no exception for this, in fact, it's probably even worse. Actors, especially those in the theatre are criticized and parents are often disappointed that their child has chosen to be an actor. Frankly, unless you are really famous, acting is going to be an iffy job that you won't get rich at. Thus the criticism.

However, that doesn't mean that you should just give up! If the theatre is your passion then go for it! There is no reason that you can't have two or three jobs and unless it is your heart's desire to be rich, there is no reason that you won't be happy or have a good life. Actually, I think that you'd be happier doing acting if that is what you want.

Personally, I have chosen to follow my dreams into the theatre and writing industries. I know that I will be criticized and that it'll be hard, irregular and that I probably won't get rich but I don't care. Theatre and writing are my passions and I don't want to give them up for any amount of praise or money.

Of course, you've still got tons of time to decide. Don't stress about it right now. Yes, think about your options like you are doing but don't feel that you have to make up your mind right now. Just keep an open mind, work hard, and follow your dreams.

Good luck!




you can be in and out of acting, is never guaranteed. its a risky business! you have to be fame addicted to pursue it!


just do what you love or have a passion for personally i would go for acting if in the distant future you direct or are in a movie send the name to


If you make a good break then yes it can be, most news anchors take years before they are on, actresses have to work really hard and compete with thousands that want the same role, Im not even sure how to become a director.


Of course it is. Difficult to get into it though. If you are really talented in acting you probably have a good chance, but bear in mind that there is a lot of competition.

If you want more stability ans reassurance then go for a job as a lawyer, accountant, teacher and so on... but if you really are good at acting follow your dream !


I mostly acted in local community theater. A friend of mine is really good and he acts on off-Broadway. I would try it out. Some high schools will put on plays. I did one play in elementary school. Did nothing in high school or college. I actually acted more on a dare. So I would see if the high school you are going to has a drama dept. Some local community theaters will be shows where younger people can take part in them. However, remember to have fun and to still be a kid. The best advice a fellow actor every gave me. He told me that I was a great actor, but that sometimes I would not get the role. Simply because I would not fit the part the producer and/or director had imagined for that role. I knew I would not get the Brad Pitt roles. I also did it for the fun of it and realized that I wouldn't make a living off of it. This is not to say that you shouldn't try.



If you like acting and you think it is your true passion, then it is better than being a millionair. Acting may be a tough job to GET, but once you have it, you have smoothe sailing. Even better if you like it (which you do!) so i would reccomend theatre camp, acting club, or maybe coriogrephest lessons. Luck with finding your passion, but remember: If you like it, it is the right choice!