Will Film Studies for A-level help with a directing career?

Ok so i'm thinking of taking Film Studies for one of my A-levels options, i want to go into the acting/directing buisiness (also taking drama and theatre studies). But some people say Film Studies is a doss course and is worthless, but i don't understand why it would be if i want to use it in later life for Uni or school.

Please help! thanks :)


Film studies can DEFINATELY help if you want any career in the film industry, especially with directing and acting. Of course, if your really determined and passionate you can succeed without it. A lot of famous directors majored in film studies, including: Miguel Arteta (The Good Girl) Bruce Eric Kaplan (Seinfeld, Six Feet Under) Laurence Mark (Jerry Maguire, As Good as it Gets, Working Girl, Finding Forrester) just to name a few. And for acting it can also be great because the class allows you to truly understand films in a completely new perspective, to get to the core of the film and how it relates to today's culture. I would suggest talking to one of the proffesors or students and getting their point of view. Good luck :)