Good picture? Or do you feel like it is over-edited? (Picture enclosed)?…

^ That's the picture, I'd just like to know if anyone feels like it is over-edited. Thank you to anyone who takes a look and leaves me feedback, I'm new to picture editing and I'd just like to know how I'm doing.


Definitely over edited. You've blown the highlights out so much it looks overexposed.

(Detracts from how good looking you are, as well...)

Less is more. Everything in moderation.


well, you should've posted the original pic so we can compare. An if it's just the color and contrast you edited, its not 'over edited' at all, it's not like you added an eye here or hid the nose, jeez.


I think it looks very artistic


No,it looks greattttt.

where did you edit it?


or something else


no not really use some conditioner


looks good, but maybe play with the colors a little more and take out some of the red/yellow.

pretty eyes, by the way :)


What did you edit ?......where is the original?