Shadowing and lighting?

So im starting photography and ive taken a short class and know some of the basics but there is like one thing that I cant get down lighting now I really like the lighting in these photos and would like to some how make that in my photographs

Oh and I use a canon rebel k2 film camera..just a random note


You are going to have to examine each of those photos and ask yourself, "what is the quality of the lighting I like and how did the photographer set up the shot and where did they meter to get what they wanted to be exposed to their satisfaction?

This is what photography is all about. Using light, picking the right lens for the shot and metering the scene to produce exactly what is wanted. This does NOT happen over night. This does not happen just because you use a good camera and lens.

This can take years of consistent camera usage and spending those times you are not shooting, studying how light falls on subjects and how to best compose those images.

After looking at all of those links, they are all variations of silhouettes. Some with more contrast that others


This could be a bit overwhelming but it's a good readin'…


lighting is what seperates the snappers from the great......

the first is a simple silluette - no lighting needed just ambient light

like any skill lighting requires study, so go and study lighting, you have some basic camera control by the sounds, now go learn lighting - do a course maybe

its impossible to teach anyone lighting in one answer.........