Which girl do you think he'll go for?

all these girls have a crush on the same guy

he's a bit of a jock, a bit of a skater, very cute, kinda smart, also rich

these are the girls:


smart, very flirty, kind of seductive, loves to play soccer and hang out


sort of smart, very rich, says she's a model (not sure if it's true), acts like she's a star and owns the place, kind of a beeotch


smart, preppy, very outgoing, sweet, is a cheerleader


average intelligence, quiet, socially awkward, plays clarinet


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Angelica of course.




FORGET the guy. I would soo date angelica myself well just saying lol


1 or 3


I think HE would go for Christine

But I personally like Angelica more



not jane..

probably angelica or gretchen

angelica cause shes outgoing and sweet

gretchen cause shes rich and is a b*tch

you know how jocks go for the rich b*tch


angelica! ^_^


I'd say Angelica or Christine, my best bet bein' Christine.