How can I, a guy, have a makeover?

Hi, I m a guy who is about 21. I dont find myself particularly good looking so I decided that I would need to have a makeover. The purpose of me having a makeover is to become more attractive and good looking.

Can anyone tell me how to have a makeover since I m a guy and from what I heard, only girls are doing that.

Websites that contains info on makeover and tips on an attractive looks would be greatly appreciated. However, personal tips and experience would also do fine as well. Thks!

PS: I dont have the $$$ to do plastic surgery :(


-Shower/good hygiene/axe or cologne

-Plain clothes Maybe converse or vans

-No facial hair

-Good haircut

-Take good care of your skin (clearasil is only 6$ & it helps

keep your skin clean)

-Great personality

-Be yourself

-Try your best to be confident

-Maybe you can try imitating actors/famous peoples style

but find similar looking clothes for a cheaper price

-Just be happy & be you(:


good hair cut, decent & matching clothes, and walking with confidence are 3 of the easiest things you can do.