What Body Type Do I Have..Pictures Included..?

what body type do i have?……

also, am i too skinny? thanks!:D


I want to say hourglass, because you've got hips i guess you can say (that sounds really weird!) haha but here's a picture of different body types so maybe this'll help also…

Like i said hourglass is probably your body shape. and that's probably one of the best

Also you're not too skinnt, but the perfect "weight" i dont know how to explain, but just don't get any smaller!

Hope this helps! :)


you look 19 & your are hot ! :)


You have a normal body type and you look about 17 years old. Am i right?


I'd say you have the 'hourglass'. It's the one men are usually attracted to. And I'd say your 17.


Dang I drooled. Lol,

U hve an hour glass type,

Nu yur not beatiful very perfect

U look 18ish..


athletic body type,no your perfect not too skinny which is good,and too me you look 17.


I would say your body is perfect as it is. You look about 20. You have kind of an hour glass thing going on, which is attractive.