Do You Think I Am Pretty Or Not?

I don't know if people just dont like me in general because like 1 or 2 boys at school are always making fun of me like ur so ugly blah blah blah so I was wondering if its actually true I have strawberry blonde hair and blue/green eyes that change in the light I am very tall and skinny so tell me your opinion


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Well, you sound beautiful but if you don't believe one will! School aged boys (and girls for that matter) are soooo shallow sometimes and don't like anything that is outside of "the norm". Almost all beautiful models will tell you that in school they were shy, awkward and often made fun of. I don't know what you look like but here's the doesn't matter. There will ALWAYS be someone with a nose you'd like better or a better figure, etc. You have to love yourself and just focus on who you ARE...not what you look like. The fact that you don't sound angry or resentful of those less than nice boys at school shows a great deal of character and I would guess you're a pretty cool person. So hold your head up high, pretty girl!


you sound really pretty dont worry what people say

ill check it out when you put a photo up


You are beautiful.People that make fun of you are just envious.


I could say yes or no if you had picture. Not everyone with blonde hair and blue eyes, tall and skinny are pretty. so I dont know


They are probably teasing you because they like you.


You sound really pretty .... don't listen to boys there just doing that because they know the cant have u.


i'd have to see a picture to see, but u sound pretty


It helps if we can see a photo of you...